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In The News

NH law targets bed bug infestations in rentals
Associated Press December 9, 2013

New Hampshire landlords and tenants are teaming up under a new law aimed at eradicating infestations of the tiny, blood-sucking bed bug from rental housing. 

Rick Castillo, coordinator of the New Hampshire Bed Bug Action Committee, said the law is an effort to deal with the bugs quickly instead of turning first to the courts while the problem grows. 
Elliott Berry, managing attorney for the Manchester office of New Hampshire Legal Assistance, said both sides were willing to give to establish clear protocols....(Read More)

Manchester Mayor Gatsas says more need to be talking about bed bugs for problem to be addressed
New Hampshire Union Leader November 23, 2013

Mayor Ted Gatsas said more people have to be talking about bed bugs for the problem to be addressed in the city.

“It’s a problem that needs a louder voice,” Gatsas said Monday. “We’ve got to do something to eradicate them.”

On Monday, more than 200 activists, local government officials, landlords and tenant groups met in the city for New Hampshire Bites Back, a second conference to address bed bugs problems in the state. It was sponsored by the Granite State Organizing Project and the New Hampshire Bed Bug Action Committee....(Read More)


Focus of Manchester meeting will be rooting out those bed bugs
New Hampshire Union Leader November 23, 2013

A new state law that requires landlords to quickly address complaints about bed bugs will be the main topic of an all-day conference Monday in downtown Manchester.

The New Hampshire Bed Bug Action Committee expects 200 people, including landlords, tenant groups, health care providers and government officials to attend the conference at the Radisson Hotel. It is being funded by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food, which oversees commercial pesticide use in the state....(Read More)


A bill addressing bed bugs in rental housing sailed through the Democratic-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate, and Gov. Maggie Hassan signed it into law June 4.

The new law, which takes effect Jan. 1, proclaims that bed bug infestations “cause measurable economic loss to property owners and occupants, as well as significant physical and emotional suffering to occupants.” The public interest, it declares, “requires that reasonable measures be taken to promote prompt and effective.....(read more)


NH Senate passes Bed Bug Legislation

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that the New Hampshire Senate passed House Bill 482 Thursday, which “outlines the parameters for dealing with bed-bug infestations and the responsibilities of landlords and tenants to remediate the problem.”

You can read the full text of HB482 here.

According to The Union Leader,

The bill is a compromise among all the stakeholders, including tenants, landlords and municipalities. Proponents say the bill will allow a rapid response that clarifies the responsibilities for remedial action.

The bill grew out of the work of the Bed Bug Action Committee, bringing those affected by bed-bug infestations together to reach a compromise on the best methods to fight the problem.

The bill now goes to the governor.

State tag-teams with cities and towns to wrestle bedbug infestations   2/20/12

"Nashua - For years, New Hampshire city and town health and code enforcement officers have battled infestations of cimex lectularius, the six-legged, bloodsucking scourge of motels, apartment buildings and boarding houses up and down the East Coast.  Nelson Ortega, head of Nashua’s Code Enforcement Department, fields several calls a week about bedbug complaints.

Since last spring, Ortega and other municipal officials have had an ally in the state helping in their battle to control the pests....(read more)


Bed Bug infestation at Nashua boardinghouse 'heartbreaking' even for veteran inspector 9/4/2011

"NASHUA - Between the gross factor, the public health threat of contamination, the skin welts, and the bloodstains on sheets and pillows, a bed bug infestation in a Temple Street flophouse can tear the heart out of even a seasoned health official...(read more)"

Hospitals conduct routine bedbug checks 8/22/2011

"In addition to asking for your birth date and health insurance coverage, two Vermont hospitals have made it standard operating procedure to ask patients if they've been exposed to bed bugs...(read more)"

Committee to study bedbugs 3/20/2011

"A new legislative committee has been established to study bedbugs in New Hampshire...(read more)"

NH may study bed bug resurgence  1/19/2011

Bed bugs are an exploding problem from Nashua to Berlin, according to those who support a state study of how to respond...(read more)"

Local Rep Gavels Bed Bugs - The Forum  1/15/2011
"Third term Rockingham 1 representative John Reagan serves as chair of the House Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs. On Tuesday, Reagan’s decision to cut off discussion on HB 75 , a bill to examine the scope of the resurgence of bed bugs in New Hampshire and make recommendations to address the problem...(read more)"


Bedbugs? Don't want to hear it - Concord Monitor  1/12/2011

"Nearly a dozen citizens and advocates were turned away from testifying at a public hearing on bedbugs by a New Hampshire House committee yesterday...(read more)"


House Chair Blocks Public Testimony - NHPR  1/11/2011
"In a departure from standard practice a House Committee Chair blocked citizens from testifying on a bill at the statehouse Tuesday. NHPR’s Dan Gorenstein reports House leadership moved quickly to correct the mistake... (read more)"

Plan for bedbugs study panel nipped - Nashua Telegraph  1/12/2011
"CONCORD – More than a dozen activists angrily complained Tuesday to House Speaker Bill O’Brien, R-Mont Vernon, after a new House committee chairman short-circuited public testimony on creating a commission to study bedbug infestation across the state... (read more)"

Program Aimed To Take Bite Out Of Bedbugs In Manchester

"Manchester has launched a campaign in an affordable housing unit to take a bite out of a bedbug problem, and if it works, the program will spread to the rest of the city like bugs that prompted the response in the first place... (read more)"

NH Bed Bugs: grassroots community organizing against bed bugs
"A new group, NH Bed Bugs, has formed in New Hampshire. And their website indicates that they mean business... (read more)"

The NH Bedbugs project
"Nobugs has a nice post taking note of the remarkable news from New Hampshire of a new organization that will begin its work by taking on the eradication of bed bugs from a Manchester building as a community project...
(read more)"

Project to wipe out bed bugs at apartment complex
"The public is being asked to help with a large-scale, mostly-volunteer effort to temporarily relocate 15 families from a downtown apartment building while it is being treated for bed bugs... (read more)"